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While the majority of my practice is traditional talk-therapy based, I also offer:

Art Therapy

I often use art as a communication tool and a means for promoting growth. Traditionally we conceptualize our troubles through words and reasoning, yet the non-verbal expression is often just as insightful. As adults we are rarely given an opportunity to step away from our mental chatter and express ourselves through art. With art therapy you will be invited to put aside all your ideas of traditional talk therapy and engage in a new therapeutic experience. 


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Integrating ketamine into the psychotherapeutic practice can enhance the benefits of ketamine so that healing occurs at a deeper and longer lasting level. The use of ketamine within the therapeutic relationship can help the patient better identify and work through difficult experiences and behavior patterns, providing new insights and healing that might not have been possible otherwise. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy may allow a person to gain access to the causes of their struggles that were previously outside one's awareness. ​I offer a collaborative care model for patients who are already in therapy with another practitioner. I conduct a brief KAP assessment, dosing session, and integration. 


Ketamine Assisted Couples Therapy

Incorporating Ketamine with traditional couple's therapy can help patients explore difficult topics, connect, and gain new perspectives. 


During a session, both partners are given a therapeutic dose of ketamine and enter an altered state of awareness. Patients experience a relaxed, more vulnerable state allowing them to take a break from the reactive ways in which they communicate. With defenses softened, couples can share and receive information more openly.


Ketamine also aids in regaining a sense of warmth and connection towards their partners. In the days following their ketamine session, the couple continues to benefit from increased neuroplasticity, making it more likely that the couple will continue to sustain their progress. 

*Ketamine experience can be curated to be mild or psychedelic based on the patient's needs.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy

I provide a non-judgmental place to process, explore, and reflect on psychedelic experiences outside of Ketamine. While psychedelics can be valuable tools for growth and healing, the non-ordinary states of consciousness can be difficult to navigate without the support of a psychotherapist trained in psychedelic integration. Contact for more information.


Clinical Supervision

I work as a Clinical Supervisor for pre-licensed therapists at multiple organizations throughout California. I am the founder and lead supervisor of CopeHouse Collective, a group practice offering sliding-scale and insurance-pay sessions virtually for California residents. 

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